Week 10: Collaborative Writing Tools, Style Sheets, and Team Workshops

Based on my meetings with each team on Thursday, I think all five teams are where they need to be at this point in the report-writing process. In Week 10, we’ll focus on how your team can streamline its work with some software tools, and you’ll have plenty of time to work with your team.

On Tuesday, we will continue our discussion about collaborative writing tools, then we will conduct an in-class workshop on using style sheets in Microsoft Word. If time allows, you will be able to hold short team meetings at the end of class. Before you come to class, please read Tips for Understanding Styles in Word and MS Word Styles. You don’t need to print out these documents, and you should ignore the fact that these instructions may be for older versions of Word than you are currently using. The purpose of reading these two articles is to help you understand the logic behind using styles.

On Thursday, I will be at an academic conference, so we will not meet as a class. However, I strongly recommend that you use this class session to hold a team meeting. You can use our classroom, if that’s the most convenient location for your team, or you may want to meet somewhere else. Whatever your team decides, remember that Thursday should mark the end of your team’s “data collection” phase. After this point, you should be focused entirely on drafting your report/proposal and your other deliverables.

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