Week 9: More on Proposals vs. Reports; Conducting Research

At this point, each team has a committed client for the collaborative project, as well as a signed MOU to direct your work over the next few weeks. If you have any questions about what your team should be working on, or how far along you should be at any given point in time, please let me know. Because each team is working on a unique project, my advice will vary from team to team, but I’m always happy to meet with your team if you’d like my help staying on track for this assignment.

On Tuesday, we will continue our discussion about the differences between proposals and reports. Please read the short IMRAD handout I gave you on Thursday, and come to class ready to apply those concepts to your team’s situation.

Thursday will be a team workshop day. I will meet with each team for approximately 15 minutes to discuss your progress, and you will have the rest of the time to draft your data-collection documents (surveys, interview protocols, etc.). If that sounds vague, don’t worry—we’ll talk more about these documents and what I expect to see from each team on Tuesday.

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