Week 2: Understanding Audiences and Writing Correspondence

We got off to a great start during our first week, and I’m excited to see what topics you choose for the correspondence unit. As I promised in class on Thursday, here is the PDF file containing the three negative scenarios for the final part of the correspondence unit. Please download that file and begin thinking about which letter you would like to respond to.

We will spend most of Week 2 focused on the correspondence unit, with some discussions about audience and the writing process thrown in for good measure. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what we’ll be doing each day:

Before you come to class on Tuesday, please read Chapters 2 and 7 in the textbook, and come to class with ideas for a few different positive and negative letters you could write for the correspondence unit. You’ll have a chance to give one another advice on your letter ideas, then you can begin drafting your letters after Tuesday’s class.

On Thursday, we will spend most of the day in peer-review mode, reading one another’s letters and giving each other feedback on our drafts. Please come to class with complete drafts for the first two letters (the personal positive experience and the personal negative experience) in Microsoft Word format. [Update: The class voted to conduct the peer review exercise on paper, so please bring three printed copies of your letters to class. Also, please note that the printer in Moody 126 was not working on Tuesday, so do not plan to print your letters in the lab.]

If you have any questions about Week 2, or about anything else related to class, please leave a comment on this post or send me an email. Otherwise, I’ll see you in class on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

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